Race How You Want & Where You Want

Join The First Annual Worldwide Race for Virtue, a virtual race, to be held on 9.9.17!

We call for individuals, families, athletes, friends, and church groups to rally, race, and record their journey on social media.

Race for Virtue, LLC is a grassroots event to help the world return to virtue. It is an annual race to provide hope, healing, prevention and recovery resources for every individual striving for virtue or helping others do the same.


Don’t run? Spin or cycle. You can even bike with your kids to the park. Remember to wear your race bib and document your journey.


Whether it’s ocean waves or lap pools, you can swim for virtue. Your $7 registration will aid those recovering from the effects of pornography and sexual exploitation.


Snag a buddy or sling your toddler to your back. Hiking counts when you’re racing for virtue. Plan a youth hike or family outing. Encourage others to get out, get help, or give back.

We recognize that deciding how to help, or motivating others to help combat the plague of pornography, and sexual exploitation is overwhelming and perhaps uncomfortable… but snagging your family, friends, neighbors, a youth group, or those you love to go for a hike, bike, or walk is not.

Race for Virtue allows you to do BOTH at the same time. And if you’re the one needing the support, come and unite with others who can help. We’re all in this together!

Proceeds from registration fees and donations go directly to support nonprofit organizations providing excellent resources to dispel darkness and fill lives with knowledge, hope, light, or recovery.